Group Project. Different students contribute circus figures that are drawn, colored  and decorated with mixed media and glued as pop up pieces  in a colored background.
Semi-abstract circus pieces created with french curves and mixed media like paint, glitter and cutouts.
Heavy use of glitter and Craft Barrel Supplies like feathers and colored fur balls give this mixed media piece the glitzy, bright look of the circus.
Each different mixed media circus piece takes on the different personalities of each student artist.
In a mixed media circus piece each student begins with drawing images from circus research from the internet and elsewhere and then adds media such as colored pencils, paint, glue and glitter.
Students build up the images from drawing and 2D media such as paint and pastel to more textural and 3D media such as glitter and collage of different colorful materials.
Collage, Glitter, Cut outs.
Everything and anything goes.