Completing and Coloring Drawings using Photoshop 
Student drawing scanned into Photoshop and colored and textured with Photoshop Elements.
Photoshop Elements Software used to create beautifully colored and finished drawings with special effects. 
Drawing created with French curves and pencil then scanned and colored with Photoshop Elements
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Recipe for Computer Graphic Drawings

- Paper
-Thin Line Marker
- Digital Camera
-Photoshop Elements

- Make a drawing in pencil with the subject of your choice.
-Ink all pencil lines.
-Photograph with a digital camera.
-Open photo of drawing in Photoshop Elements.

-Using Magic Wand tool select all inked lines and turn them solid black.
-Now begin filling in different sections of drawing with color, other tools and special effects till the drawing is completed.
Students using Photoshop elements to color and completed scanned drawings.
Pattern design colored and textured with Photoshop Elements.
Michael Cutler teaches art and computer graphics to high school students in Newark N. J.

These are projects he has developed over 30 years of teaching students how to draw, paint and create in various media from pencil and paint to Photoshop. These are all his original projects.